Refrigerant Processing - Sales and Equipment

** EPA Cerified Processing Center **
Refrigerant Processing - Sales and Equipment

** EPA Cerified Processing Center **
Perfect Cycle actively purchases phased out CFC and HCFC refrigerants. Should your
organization have contaminated or virgin refrigerants Perfect Cycle would be
pleased to provide a competitive offer to purchase in it's current condition.  Even
mixed refrigerants depending on actual mixture may have an economic value. In
most cases the freight transfer is included in the purchase price.  Recovery cylinders
can also be provided at no charge.


R-11, R-113, R-12, R-500, R-502, R-22, R-134a, R-114, R-225


R-410a, R404a, R407c  

Blends such as the R400 series may have value depending on it’s current
composition and volume available.   In order to maintain a proper composition both
the charging and recovery effort must be properly performed.   Blends not within
2% of it’s original composition is termed “out of phase” and may yield no buy back
value or even a disposal liability based on based on market conditions.    

Dominant :
R-22 mixed with R-134 or R410
R-11 mixed with R-123
R123 mixed with R11
R12 mixed with R22 or R134a


Perfect Cycle maintains an inventory of virgin and reclaimed refrigerants for sale.
The product list below reflects common packaging available.  All material is
processed at our EPA certified center located in Dallas, Texas with purity standards
guaranteed to meet or exceed ARI 700 purity.    Per EPA guidelines lab testing is
conducted by a third party independent laboratory yielding a checks and balance
system.    Both virgin and ARI purity refrigerants are approved for use with all U.S.
compressor manufacturers and systems.  Many of the older refrigerants are no
longer manufactured, like any commodity the market pricing can greatly fluctuate. 
Should your organization require refrigerants do not hesitate to call our sales staff
for a current price quote.   

R-11 100 lb drums
R-113 100 lb drums
R-123 100 lb drums
R-12 30 lb disposable , 125 lb , 1000 lb cyl
R-22 30 lb disposable , 125 lb, 1000 lb cyl
R-410a 25 lb disposable
R 404a   24 lb disposable
R407c 25 lb disposable
R-502 upon request
R-500 upon request


Our turnkey recovery service includes all necessary equipment and manpower at
your location to complete the transfer of any size system.  Perfect Cycle technicians
are certified with experience on both low and high pressure chiller systems.  This
recovery service is commonly concentrated within the Texas five state region with
larger systems performed nationally.  The recovery expense is dependent on
refrigerant type, travel distance, assess to the chiller or package unit, electrical
power onsite.  Typically Perfect Cycle can provide a recovery estimate over the
phone.  Most recovery efforts are booked several days or weeks in advance, short
notice opportunities will be scheduled as feasible.       

Upon successful recovery the refrigerant is either:

1. Transferred to Perfect Cycle for reclamation services (cleaning) for
2. Purchased by Perfect Cycle in it’s current condition.
3. Remain onsite in current condition for recharging upon chiller.

Perfect Cycle is not in the business of charging chillers, this should be performed by
the mechanical contractor.    The recovery service includes use of service cylinders
for 10 days following recovery; thereafter a weekly rental fee would apply.   Should
the chiller owner question the quality of the recovered refrigerant Perfect Cycle
can pull lab sample for analysis. 


Service Cylinders   -    1000 lb , 250 lb , 125 lb
Recovery Machine 1.5 hp - suited for high or low pressure refrigerants.
Liquid Transfer Pumps, Hoses, Fitting
Call for availability and pricing.  Equipment can be drop shipped for
locations outside the DFW area.  


Perfect Cycle operates a certified EPA reclaim center located in Dallas, Texas. Our
customer base is nationwide including - contractors, schools, hospitals, distributors
and government facilities.  Perfect Cycle maintains a very low overhead structure
therefore can provide extremely low cost processing fees attracting business
nationally.   Standard services offered:

    * ARI 700 TESTING - contracted to third party lab.

All certified reclaim centers base fees on poundage processed.  It is important upon
comparing services you understand the price quoted.   Some processors take
advantage of customers by basing fees on GROSS refrigerant weight sent to them.  
Perfect Cycle fees are strictly based on NET refrigerant weight yielded after
processing.  We believe customers should not be charged for oil and moisture
contamination.  The difference in GROSS to NET weights is typically 10-20 percent in
low pressure refrigerants and 4-10 percent in high pressure refrigerants.   Perfect
Cycle allows for 30 percent contamination without additional disposal fees applied. 
Perfect Cycle processes each customers batch independently to insure 100 percent
of the customers refrigerant regardless of initial contamination is properly returned
to the correct owner.   Many reclaim centers process multiple batches in one load
then estimate the amount of refrigerant returned to each customer based on initial
contamination testing.

In order for refrigerant to be represented and sold as reclaim material it must meet
or exceed ARI 700 purity guidelines established the ARI and EPA. Each batch of
refrigerant must be laboratory tested to verify purity.   The test checks for - oil,
moisture, non-condensable gases, acid, chloride, and other refrigerants.   If a
particular batch does not pass each phase of the test it must be reprocessed and
retested.  Refrigerant labeled "reclaimed" may vary slightly in purity across the
country do to the quality of the actual lab.   For this reason Perfect Cycle contracts
laboratory testing to a nationally recognized lab experienced in performing ARI
testing.    Some reclaim centers perform testing inhouse to reduce testing
expenses,  it is our opinion part time labs cannot compete in accuracy, equipment
sophistication, or personnel training..

Perfect Cycle offers a full selection of packaging options.   Low pressure refrigerants
are repackaged in new - color designated drums.   The new drums are 100 lb
capacity units and included in our standard processing fee, options for 55 gallon and
200 lb drums are available.   The high pressure refrigerants offer two options - bulk
cylinders or disposables.   Most often a customer ships high pressure refrigerants in
their own bulk cylinders, during the refrigerant processing phase these cylinders
are cleaned and can be refilled with the reclaimed product.   The 30 lb disposable
cylinders are a popular choice for R22 and R12. 

Perfect Cycle can book all freight arrangements and provide necessary paperwork.   
Contaminated refrigerants shipped to Perfect Cycle for processing must arrive in
DOT approved cylinders or low pressure drums.   Refrigerants are non-flammable
and can be easily shipped across the country by common carrier.   Average expense
is forty cents per refrigerant pound depending on - distance, volume, drums or
cylinders.   Outbound freight is less than inbound do to the reduction in
contaminates weight.    Our staff would be pleased to provide an inclusive quote for
both the processing and transportation fees.
Perfect Cycle - CFC Group
Perfect Cycle - CFC Group